Kanji is a digital platform where companies can store all visual and graphic materials in order to use them effectively across all communication channels. The project was developed in collaboration with Capgemini Sogeti Danmark to help them maintaining a consistent visual identity, both for externally and internally.

Kanji Logotype
Everything in one place

Having a consistent visual identity it is a cornerstone for every company willing to communicate effectively their values, create brand awareness and gain thrust within a client. That's why we developed Kanji, a tool to organize visual assets in order to achieve consistency in the brand materials and communication.

The goal is to share knowledge, educate and improve the creative process with quick and simple tutorials. No experience required, just desire to learn and to apply practical and essential design principles to create beautiful and effective compositions.

Kanji platform
A gallery of assets

Kanji contains all brand assets used by companies in general: Templates, Icons, Images and Presentations divided by type and category. After logining in, users have access to a gallery of assets where they can search or use the filter menu to find specific files. Assets are available as collections, meaning that the same image of file can be downloaded in several versions/formats.

Users can select, view and download any files in Kanji. There will also be guidelines - “Do and Don’ts” - for each asset for a better understanding of the usage. Quick and easy tutorials are part of the tutorials page where users can be inspired to share knowledge and improve the creative process.

Kanji platform screens
Accessible and efficient

Real life stories and situations of how people would use Kanji were consider when designing the platform architecture and layout. We interviewed different persons working with Sales, Marketing and HR at Capgemini Sogeti Danmark to better understand the needs and process.

Insights from their educational background, job tasks and process when working with visual assets helped us shaped Kanji key features and functionalities.

Kanji promotional website
Promotional website

The one page scroll website showcases the platform whit each section highlighting the key characteristics of the product: what is it, why Kanji and how it works. By defining and structuring the content, it was possible to prioritize the main messages and illustrate Kanji workflow with simple visuals.

While scrolling, a narrative is told and interactive elements are displayed to create a storytelling experience. This enhances the user experience, delivering meaningful content and value to users. That's why graphic and digital elements were implemented in the website to tell Kanji's story.

Kanji logo, colors and typography
Kanji brand elements

The Kanji logo design relied on the creation of the company and product identification. As its symbol and signature, the logo illustrates the name “Kanji” with the use of typography. When it comes to colors, Kanji’s gradient is created out of three analogous colors - purple, blue and turquoise, which all together make a color harmony. The brand 5th element is its gradient.

For typography, the choice was simple: Trebuchet MS and Arial. The Trebuchet typeface family, like Verdana and Georgia, is great for use on the screen and Arial is a versatile family of typefaces which can be used with equal success for text setting in reports, presentations, magazines etc.