Tivoli Augmented Reality

Tivoli is the most visited park in Scandinavia with 169 years old of existence, and the challenge to be solved is focused on Tivoli’s main attraction: the rides. Long queues, small areas and people waiting in the same place is the problem that the amusement park is facing at the moment. The waiting time for the popular rides make less possible to explore other areas of the park. The long queues in specific spots, block the pathways were people walk.

Tivoli Augmented Reality App
Tivoli Augmented Reality App

In a society where technology is key, the real-world environment becomes interactive and accessible to everyone. When holding a mobile device, the user connects to the world and experiences the combination of physical and digital images, sounds and features. Using an augmented reality browser, the user will discover the world of Tivoli Park.

With additional information for each place – restaurants, rides, etc. - the user will know what to choose and where to go by following the marker icons. The concept is to lead and distribute the audience in Tivoli providing an overall view about time, facilities and attractions, improving people’s time and experience on site.

Sketches of User experiences/situations
Sketching User Experiences

In order to measure the design’s effectiveness and thinking, it was crucial to use Personas to perform accordingly to a problem based situation. Like narratives, sketching user experienes illustrates what is happening and conducts the project to a new level where the storyboard complements the interface design and the problems we might face when developing the product.

Narrative Storyboard (Situation A) // A 32 years old mother would like to take her children to Tivoli but she wants to know more about the park. She searchs on Google and finds Tivoli App that allows her to create a profile and get information about the rides and everything else about Tivoli in order to make the right choice for a day with the kids.

Tivoli Augmented Reality Video
Promotional Video

By tapping the markers, the queue time is highlighted. The girl is excited and walks around gardens to experience this new feature of Tivoli's rides. At the end, another Augmented Reality icon pops up on the screen anoucing the firework show. It’s not even midnight and she can watch fireworks under the bridge by Tivoli’s lake!

Tivoli App Promotional Video
Information vs. Entertainment

By focusing on life-situation contexts and user behaviour, developing the concept for the video became a combination of two real-life contexts where time is the theme and technology is the channel. After scanning the park area, the user tapps on the location marker of a certain ride to read more about it.

A window is displayed showing: the ride's description, speed, age and height allowed, ticket price and queue time. In addition to that, Tivoli visitors can also enjoy augmented reality 3D animations implemented in selected rides, for a more lively and dynamic experience.

Tivoli Augmented Reality App
The Diamond

A diamond will pop-up every time there is an augmented reality feature/animation to be discovered.The diamond was modelled based on a cone shape and the highlighted effect was given with the phong shading technique.

Keyframe and expressions animations were also used to control the performance of the attributes over time. The camera movement was added after modelling the diamond and used as a short animation video for the final prototype.

Tivoli Augmented Reality App
Fireworks Show

The user can take a short brake before the next ride and keep exploring the park. Every saturday, Tivoli has its traditional and beautiful Firework show which no one wants to miss it! So, the App will provide a 3D firework show available during day time.

The Fireworks were created by dynamics and particles which are set to emit and form a tail after a certain time. This will generate an explosions of the particles that are grouped and able to go separately in different directions, speed and time.