City Zoom

When travelling across Europe, architecture and landscape are what I always photograph. I decided to combine my interested in photography and typography into a serie of images focusing on the wordl's details. So far the collection has only European cities but the idea is to have a diversity of details from different countries.

Copenhagen Photography
City Zoom of Copenhagen

Photo 1 // Frederiks Kirke (The Marble Church) in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photos of Copenhagen

Inspiration // City life, Bike culture, Houses and Buildings
Author // Sara Castanho

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London + Berlin

Photo 1 // Big Ben Clock in London
Photo 2 // The Jewish War memorial, in Berlin

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Inspiration // Architure, History, Streets Art and Monuments
Author // Sara Castanho

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City Zoom of Geneva

Photo 1 // St. Pierre Cathedral in Geneva, Switzerland

Portugal photographies
City Zoom of Portugal

Photo 1 // Tile (Lisbon)
Photo 2 // The sea in Algarve

Portugal details

Inspiration // Culture and Traditions, Landscapes, the Sea, Summer
Author // Sara Castanho