Resecond Swap Dresses Shop

People collect and own more and more things than ever before and the tendency is leading the consumer to purchase low-quality products. Based on sustainable economy practices and the Nordic welfare model, Resecond stablish a business where women swap their unwanted dresses. The concept is simple: become a better consumer, swap, share, dare and care about your clothes but also about other individuals.

Resecond Logo
Share, Dare, Care!

World’s first dress swap store where women meet to swap dresses. Instead of buying new dresses, the costumer brings used and unwanted dresses and swap them for other beautiful dresses available in store. Each dress has a price tag which tells a story about a special moment, occasion or life situation.

This sense of community and place where we can give first without thinking on receive immediately, wants to encourage women to share and swap dresses, by creating value and making a difference in society. Currently, Resecond has two physical stores located in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Resecond Rebranding process
Resecond Rebranding

The approach is to redesign the already existent website and App. Resecond has a strong connection with the customers face to face but there is a lack between the media channels that the brand is using.

So the solution is to maximize the digital experience and usability with the objective to promote Resecond worldwide. The design choices are the result of STP analysis and user profiles on Resecond’s target audience - women.

Resecond Website Pages
Resecond Website

The pages layout follows a horizontal symmetry with a balanced between the graphic elements and blocks of body text. In the homepage the background-image connects to the main product of Resecond and in the About page, flat icons are used to better visualize information and explain how the service works. The colors used - light pink, light grey and black - reflect the feminine side of Resecond tepresenting compassion.

The website has one global navigation menu fixed on top and it is a single page scroll. As a way to guide the user while scrolling, the menu will underline the name of each section. Social media icons are displayed on the top menu next to the members’ login form. From the website, the user can sign up for a membership by filling out the form with personal information such name, email and address.

Resecond App Layout
Resecond App

The concept behind the app is to instead of buying new dresses, choose from Resecond’s closet the dresses you want to swap and see if they are available or not. The interface is similar to Instagram and the process is simple:

Step 1 - Take or upload a picture of a dress with info about it (size, condition, details); Step 2 - Find a dress you love and invite to swap; Step 3 - Option to sign up for membership if the user haven’t done yet.