1508 Morgen Booster

1508 is a Danish digital agency that creates integral visual identities and digital solutions 2000. The most valuable strategy of 1508 is to make a difference in the field of design and technology with passionate people who love what they do. But they want more! The company is growing and they want to share knowledge and connect clients, professionals and students with "Morgenbooster" events.

1508 Morgen Booster
Share Knowledge

The desire to be the best ones, create the necessity to build a platform/sub site where 1508 communicates in an effective form of knowledge, experiences and future digital solutions with the target group.

This sub site provides information about the seminars and events - date/hours, location, speaker, etc. It will be the starting point to engage potential new audiences to join the workshops or the company.

Morgen Booster Identity
Morgen Booster Identity

The use of triangle shapes in 1508’s printed materials inspired the design of Morgenbooster logo. The new triangle element represents strong foundation and stability, modern design and cut clean edges, simplicity and functionality.

Colours and typography of the company were kept, having in mind the need of consistency and brand image. The sub site will serve a different purpose but will be in close relation with 1508’s main website.

Morgen Booster Sub site Layout
The Sub site

1508 already has a predefine style and structure which are going to be implemented in the sub site. The layout is based on the website of the company but with minor adjustments and incorporation of the new logo.

A calendar and 1508 magazine are the main features. Both elements will help the company to follow their mission and vision to share knowledge by promoting interesting and meaningful workshops for clients and potential ones.

Morgen Booster Planning and Creative Process
Keep Planning!

The project had several phases: creative but also a research was needed get company insights and understand their vision, beliefs and environment. The key points of the culture analysis were applied in the visual identity for Morgenbooster supported by a communication plan and design brief.

Students had the chance to work together with 1508’s designers and CEO and experience the working world reality. Responsibility and commitment were crucial to communicate ideas and concepts, and to deliver a fully functional and well structure product.

Morgen Booster Identity
What day is today?

The calendar is a crucial feature of Morgenbooster subsite. Important dates, workshops, seminars and 1508 magazine news will be shared with clients and users. The goal is to have a control and organization of the events.

1508 is having one workshop per month, so the use of this calendar would be more effective in the future with more content and information to explore the layout.

Morgen Booster Identity
Meet the mobile version

1508 is a pioneer agency on implementing responsive design on creative digital solutions for danish companies. Therefore, one of the priorities was also to make the sub-site accessible to all users at any time and everywhere.

The layout relies on flexibility and usability based on 1508 and Morgen Booster visual language.