A Random Experience

Project Analysis of the sugar confectionery industry in Denmark in order to introduce Rowntree’s Randoms in Danish market. Randoms is a soft chewy jelly that contains 20% natural fruit juices from strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant, orange, lime and lemon. This fruit flavored jelly is guaranteed without artificial colors, flavors and added preservatives. Each bag of Randoms contains different shapes from everyday objects including: flowers, ice cream cones, snowflakes, puzzle pieces or bicycles.
Randoms was originally produced by the Brittish company Rowntrees back in 1881 but now, Nestlé owns the brand.

Randoms Website Homepage
Rowntree's Randoms Website

Green, red, blue and yellow are the colors that define Randoms combined with a very characteristic and visually remarkable typography and packaging. For these reasons, it was given continuity to Randoms’ visual identity to make the brand appealing and easily recognizable in Denmark.

The website will be where the receiver should think of Randoms as a fresh, fun and delicious bag of candy. Rowntree's Randoms history, products and competitions are the main information that the user can find.

Randoms Website Homepage
Layout and Navigation

Randoms is a candy brand with many characteristic elements that are not easy to combine. Therefore, a clean approach to highlight the brand image was needed. The approach was to use a strong, dark green background that contrast with white headlines and colorful images.

Regarding navigation, the purospe was to have a straightforward interface where the user can easily understand and find information. The slide show feature was implemented to display headlines and products to show case competitions and up coming events.

Randoms about page design
Meaningful Content

Rowntree’s became famous not only for chocolate and sweets but also for values like family loyalty and social awareness. Today the company is still playing an important role supporting social practices and adding value to the brand.

Therefore, information about Rowntree's history is displayed in the about page, among with nutrition facts to support the health and wellness vision of the brand.

Randoms responsive website layout
Randoms on-the-go with Responsive Layout

According to Danish statistics, the general trend for people on online social media is that the younger they are, the more active they are online. So, the communication with users might be made when they are “on the go” and through Facebook to purposely generate traffic to the main website.

Therefore, a responsive and user friendly layout of Random’s website was designed. Interface design and content strategy were the focus areas, as well as user’s interaction and behavior online.

Randoms bilboard for offline campaign
Promoting Randoms and Competitions

Rowntree’s Randoms Promotional Campaign in the United Kingdom is a reference and starting point to keep Random’s humour concept of funniness alive in the promotional materials and events in Denmark.

Both online and offline campaign are part of the strategy to connect the audience and engane them with daily competitions and gifts.

Danish Candy Habits market research
Danish Candy Habits - Survey

In line with a market research on the confectionery industry in Denmark, a survey/questionnaire with closed and dichotomous questions was conducted in order to collect data about consumer’s habits in regards to candy. The survey was distributed among students with different backgrounds and the main findings are represented graphically using infographics.

A primary research including observation was also crucial to understand the type of candy and brands consumers buy and to see who is buying it. Observation took place in physical places like supermarkets and candy stores. All results were taking in consideration on the STP analysis and campaign strategy.