Loyalty as process

Museums have always represented an important part of preserving and collecting human culture, beliefs and heritage. But the struggle is real, and art institutions have to remain meaningful and active across generations, combining the knowledge from the past and the insights from the present. This project uses SMK in Denmark as a study case to promote an initiative to experience art through virtual reality technology.

SMK poster proposal
We are changing with you

Everthing is changing around us, even in the way we see and experience culture and our heritage. "Loyalty as a process" is a mission-driven concept to engage audiences and present the core values of SMK. In this case, the goal is to present iniciatives to new audiences that go beyond the traditional museum exhibitions.

The first event invites everyone to experience painting through virtual reality. This will be the first set of a campaign serie to engage the millennials to share knowledge and the value within the museum.

Virtual reality icons
Art and virtual reality

Museums are public dimensions of knowledge and just like brands, they also need to adapt, adjust and reposition themselves in the global market. Therefore, we are bringing virtual reality into the museum experience.

Introducing Tilt Brush by Google, visitors will be able to unleash their creativity and paint stars, light, and even fire in 3D space. This will engage the audience and make them try something new while in the museum.

Outdoor poster at SMK
Painting the museum

The concept will be promoted on SMK using printed materials including flyers and outdoor billboards. The main goal is to initiate a conversation on what is really at stake in organisms like SMK.

Here's a proposal for an outdoor campaign poster outside of the Statens Museum for Kunst - The National Gallery of Denmark.

SMK event main poster design
Communicating change

The event main poster was developed in line with SMK's visual identity to keep brand recognition. However, a bigger effort was made to find an image that would illustrate change. The result was a combination of modern and renascence art in one poster.

The goal of the visuals is also to be provocative and cause attention among new visitors, as well as SMK's loyal audience. The color pallette is bright and warm to communicate change with positivism.

SMK website with event banner
Online exposure

SMK’s official website will be one of the channels to communicate the museum's change and development. The event will be shared on Facebook to invite everyone to come and experience virtual reality.

Instagram will be used to announce the event but most importantly, during the event day for full coverage and live stream stories. The Danish media will be specially invited as part of the strategy to give the event bigger exposure and visibility.