Slik Lab by Experimentarium1

Slik Lab is a sub-brand of Experimentarium, an independent non-profit science center in Copenhagen, Denmark. The task is to develop an interactive campaign for the sub-brand with a specific theme and target group using social media networks as a way to communicate, engage and interact with the users.

Slik Lab Logo
Slik Lab, The Sweet Part Of Science

With focus on workshops where candy and science come together, Slik Lab seeks to explore the metamorphosis of elements in preparing a dish from a chemical process point of view. The Workshops are based on touching, tasting and smelling senses to demonstrate how simple compounds become complex combinations of textures, shapes and colours.

The target group are children, teenagers and parents who are interested in science and familiar with Experimentarium activities. New connections with institutions and schools will be also a priority as a way to share knowledge and to make the learning process more effective.

Slik Lab logo Sketches
Sketching and Draft designs

Slik Lab logo was designed to be simple and clear to the target group as well as understandable and expressing its identity. Based on the concept, the creation of the logo had different phases while developing Slik Lab mission, vision and values.

First phase of the process: Brainstorming and Sketching. At this point, the ideas were supported by the information and data collected at Experimentarium. Observation and short interviews were conducted on site.

Slik Lab Logo Design Process
Logo Design Process

Slik Lab logotype combines candy texture and science equipment. After designing the first attempt to Slik Lab identity and after implementing it on several supports, there was a need to redesign and modify the composition.

The solution was to select the main characteristic elements and simplify the text, since one of the issues was the readability. Once the changes were finalized, it was time to test and apply the logo on different supports and materials.

Slik Lab Identity Applications
Identity Development

Creating promotional items will increase the brand exposure, the number of participants in Slik Lab Workshops and visitors in Experimentarium. As a starting point, posters and flyers will be giving away at schools, libraries and museums;

Slik Lab merchandisign products to purchase online and at Experimentarium gift shop and later, after implementing and establishing the sub-brand, a Slik Lab Kit line with material for science experiences at home.

Slik Lab Promotional Items
Promotional Items

Coffee cups with Slik Lab logo will be available on the already existent Cafeteria at Experimentarium City. The cups are an example of a promotional item which will create awareness among the customers.

Messages and quote cards will be attached to these items with daily food consumption tips and curiosities and fun science facts.

Slik Lab Website Homepage
Slik Lab Website Layout

Created on WordPress, the website was design to remain visible Slik Lab image and identity following a simple structure and navigation. The available content regards to Slik Lab concept, as well as a timeline with upcoming events, opening hours and admission.

Slik Lab Website About and Slik Tv page
About Page and Slik Tv

The about page presents the sub-brand concept and slogan Discover, learn and experiment your taste in Science. Here, body text and infographics are combined to better organize and visualize information.

Slik Tv is a daily channel for discovering what is new at Slik Lab. Contains teasers and presentational videos to promote upcoming activities and events. The channel has potential to be developed with interviews and livestream video content.

Slik Lab Facebook Page
Slik Lab users on Facebook

Social networks have relevant position among Slik Lab audience. The sub-brand Facebook page will promote upcoming events and generate potentially interactive content. The strategy is to attract, keep and engage users to be part of a virtual community.

With posts about science and food, this platform will also invite the audience to give feedback and suggestions about activities. Short surveys and competitions will be presented. Crossposting, shares, comments and likes are examples of several interaction possibilites to take in consideration.

Slik Lab Instagram
Instagram lovers

Slik Lab Instagram has the goal to connect users with visual assets, showcasing products and Slik Lab culture. Images and short videoclips will create a graphical language and familiar environment.

Like, regram posts and the use of Slik Lab hastag (#sliklab) are the most important, as well as the connection with Facebook page and official website.