Hi there!

I'm Sara, a 29 years old digital designer from Portugal based in Copenhagen. Besides my design background, I enjoy making collages and collecting all sorts of printed media. Last but not least, I (almost) never say no to coffee and cake.


When I moved to Denmark, I didn't know how to bike and now that's pretty much how I roll everyday. After almost 5 years living here, I still don't like lakrids and the weather, well it could be worst right?

Need more info? Check out my CV below.


Web & Graphic Design
Marketing & Branding
Content Creation
Concept Development
Social Media Strategy


Video & Photo Editing
Motion Graphics
User Interface Design


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Premiere and After Effects
Sketch, Figma
OS (Windows, Mac OSX)


Danish (Intermediate level)


Marketing & Communications Designer at Planday // CPH, Denmark.
Main Tasks // Graphic Design, Branding, Events Designer, Content creator.
August 2018 - Present

Digital Designer (before: Student Assitant) at Delogue // CPH, Denmark.
Main Tasks // Graphic and Web Design, Communication and Marketing.
September 2015 - July 2018

Graphic Designer at byBiehl // CPH, Denmark.
Main Tasks // Graphic and Web Design, Support Marketing and E-commerce.
May 2017 - July 2018

Internship at Capgemini Sogeti // CPH, Denmark.
Main Tasks // Graphic Design, Support Sales, Communication materials for events.
February 2015 - May 2015

Internship at Companhia de Ideias // LIS, Portugal.
Main Tasks // Video editing, Graphic Design, Content Management.
March 2012 - May 2012

Collaborations and other jobs
Part-time Writer // Collaborator at RDB - Rua de Baixo Online Magazine.
Call Center Assistent // Inbound and Outbound Campaigns.

Development of Personal Projects
Human After All Project // Portuguese Art Collective with focus on various media including Collage, Video, Music & Photography.


Communication Design and Media (TOP-UP) // CPH, Denmark.
Main Subjects // Communication, Rhetoric, Visual Design, Strategy and Media literacy.
August 2015 - June 2017

Multimedia Design and Communication (AP Degree) // CPH, Denmark.
Main Subjects // Organization Design, Communication, Visualisation, Concept Development, Business and Interaction construction.
August 2013 - August 2015

Fine Arts and Multimedia (Bachelor Degree) // BEJ, Portugal.
Main Subjects // Design and Illustration, Art History, Contemporary Art History, Visual Culture, Photographic and Video Lab, Multimedia Lab, Digital Art, Web Design, English language.
September 2009 - July 2012

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